Thursday, May 10, 2012

The Single Guy and the Teacher

The Single Guy doesn't have a lot of opportunities to meet single ladies these days. Nor does he try. He spends a good 85% of his time feeling that it just isn't worth it. But then there's the other 15% of that time.

Working in a school has been an interesting transition for the Single Guy. He likes it a lot better than he thought he would. In fact, a few years ago, if someone had told him that he would be loving a job that saw him constantly in a classroom setting, he may have laughed. Loudly. Honestly, it may have been an uncontrollable kind of laughter. Now it doesn't seem so funny. Because he really does love the job.

And he's really grown to like the people he's working with. The teachers, the students, the school staff... they're all great. Some of the younger kids at the school look at the Single Guy like he's a rock star. He's obviously not a rock star, but it's nice that the students recognize the Single Guy's awesomeness. And he's really grown to consider a lot of the teachers to be friends.

One in particular.

Okay, the one in particular may not necessarily be a friend yet, but the Single Guy would certainly like to see a friendship grow there. This particular teacher, whom we'll refer to as the Teacher (original, right?), is someone who has really grown on the Single Guy. Side question: Did the Single Guy just use the words whom and who correctly in that last sentence?

Anyway, the Single Guy didn't plan to take notice of anyone he works with. That's never the plan. He views workplace relationships as complicated at best. But, aren't all relationships? It took time, and the Single Guy eventually took notice of the Teacher.

Through conversations, the Single Guy discovered a couple of small world connections. The Teacher went to college with the Single Guy's supervisor and graduated with a friend from the Single Guy's youth. Crazy, right? But until recently, there haven't been a whole lot of advancements in their conversations. The Single Guy viewed her as a friendly co-worker and nothing more.

And then there was a day when the Teacher was absent from school. The Single Guy realized he missed seeing her more than he probably should have. It was a strange feeling for him. Something he hadn't really felt in quite some time. Another time, he realized just how much he enjoys making her laugh. Her students tried to convince the Single Guy to sing for her on the playground one day. A little girl asked him to sing something with the Teacher's name. So he sang one line from a song as a play on her name. Laughter ensued.

A few days ago, he was exchanging banter with a couple other teachers in the school. One of them spouted off a random fact about how turtles breathe. Not to be outdone, the Single Guy said, "Did you know that a jellyfish's mouth is also its..." At that moment, he looked up and saw the Teacher standing in the doorway staring at him. Suddenly the Single Guy became slightly embarrassed at the thought of completing that sentence with the word "anus." Instead, he said, "...And on that note, I'm gonna go." This turned out to be a decent icebreaker.

Since then, conversations between the Single Guy and the Teacher have seemed easier. They've talked, they've laughed, it's been fun. And now, with only 4 and a half days left in the school year, the Single Guy has a very limited window of opportunity. And he's gonna seize it. The guy's a sucker for a ponytail and a nice smile.

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