Friday, May 18, 2012

The Single Guy and the Separation Anxiety

As the school year came to a close, the Single Guy wasn't sure that he was looking forward to the end. Then, during the last chaotic week, he began to wonder if the last day would ever arrive. Now, it's come and gone.

The Single Guy woke up around 5am, as he usually does. This was not because his alarm was set to go off at that time. In fact, he refused to turn his alarm on before he went to sleep the night before. If he had the chance to sleep a little later than normal, he wanted to try. Unfortunately, his internal clock had other ideas. So he woke. And he moved around. He did the things he typically does in the morning to get ready for the day. Except there wasn't a whole lot to do.

So he decided to go to the school that he's been to every week day for the last few months. No, there wouldn't be any kids there. His clients wouldn't be around. But the teachers that he's come to consider friends would be.

The Single Guy had left some of his painting supplies in the Kindergarten classroom on the final day of school. He figured today would be as good a day as any to go by and pick them up. And while he was there, he had a good time sharing stories and even volunteering to help out with some of the work that teachers get bogged down in when summer officially begins.

After a few hours, the Single Guy began to feel hungry. He never planned to stay more than a few hours anyway, so he didn't bring a lunch. He wished everyone a good summer and left his school for the last time until the fall.

On the drive back to Radford, he got that feeling in the pit of his stomach. You know the feeling when you just know you're going to miss someone or something so bad that you're not sure what to do with yourself for a while? Maybe it isn't that dramatic, but the Single Guy knew he would miss these people that he'd worked so closely with. And, of course, he'd miss the Teacher.

In his mind, he knew he didn't have a shot with her. Not even a little bit. But the distance between the brain and the heart is a long one. He might need at least the weekend to get over her.

And in thinking about each of these folks, he has a difficult time thinking that he won't see any of them for three months. He can't help but wonder, do teachers typically go through this at the end of each school year?

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