Thursday, May 17, 2012

The Single Guy and the Last Day of School

Seven simple words. String them together and throw in a question mark at the end for good measure. How hard could that be? "Would you like to have dinner sometime?"

But in the days leading up to the end of the school year, the Single Guy had a hard time making those words fall from his lips. He was constantly looking for the right moment to ask that simple question of the Teacher. Faced with a deadline, the Single Guy began wondering if the opportunity would ever present itself. When the last day of school arrived, he realized that he couldn't wait around for the opportunity to just appear and be seized at random. He would have to create the opportunity.

Creating an opportunity like this wasn't about scripting and plotting and arranging for things to be just right. This simply called for the Single Guy to be a little more assertive than usual. Honestly, it meant showing the ability to be just a little bit assertive, since assertiveness is not exactly one of the Single Guy's most overwhelming personality traits.

The day progressed as any normal final school day of the year should progress. In other words, it was kind of chaotic. During the previous day, the Single Guy was informed that it would be a dress-up day. The students would be encouraged to dress nice for the end of year awards assembly and the teachers were expected to look their best as well. Unlike his short career with the bank, the Single Guy has not been expected to wear a tie as a counselor. But he knew he could rock a tie when the occasion called for it. Maybe this "dress-up" situation would play to the Single Guy's favor.

At it would turn out, no amount of nice clothes would help the Single Guy out. He came close to asking the Teacher out at the end of the abbreviated school day. But just as the question was about to leave his mouth, the Teacher's aide walked back into the classroom. But it wasn't necessarily the end of the day for the Single Guy. He had some work to do, so he knew there would be another opportunity. He would simply wait for the end of the retirement party that the school's faculty and staff were putting on for one of their own.

As he waited, the Single Guy had a chance to talk to his fellow counselor. He had noticed this other counselor talking to the Teacher from time to time, so he thought that she might know more about the Teacher than the Single Guy did. And she did. After that conversation, the Single Guy discovered that the Teacher is unavailable.

The Single Guy was glad that he had not had the opportunity to put his foot in his mouth by asking the Teacher out. It could have led to some awkwardness. However, he does wish that he had discovered this information a few weeks ago, before he allowed himself to become so taken with her. He supposes that he'll get over her eventually. It will probably help that he won't likely see her for two and a half months.

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