Wednesday, April 11, 2012

The Last

Today was the last day of Spring Break. In a lot of ways, I'm sorry to see it go. After all, I did get to spend each day sleeping well past the insane pre-dawn hour of 5am. I also got a lot done in terms of getting packed for my forthcoming move. I was actually quite productive. But I didn't think about work at all.

Actually, that's a lie. I thought about work a little. But mostly because of the one reason I'm not sorry to see the end of Spring Break. You see, when I'm not in school, I'm not getting paid. So that's a week of vacation, but it's unpaid vacation. Which means the beginning of May (when this pay period manifests itself in the form of a paycheck) is going to suck.

I'll be moving at the start of the month. I'll have a new apartment for which to pay rent. I'll have a deposit for a new apartment due. I'll have a few of my other normal bills, plus typical living expenses, and I'll have roughly half a paycheck to do it with.

If you're feeling particularly generous, I still have a PayPal button on my page where you can donate to the "Feed the Blogger" fund. But it's really not necessary. Prayer works too. I'm taking a page from the Most Awesome Person I Know and trusting that God has led me to this place and He will lead me through it as well. Maybe part of that will be through someone's random donation to my completely selfish fund. Maybe it will mean that one of the corporations that expects to receive money from me will suddenly change their expectations. Who's to know?

Anyway, Spring Break is kind of officially over. I considered it officially over at the point in time when I would have been out of school this afternoon, leaving this evening to be just another typical Wednesday evening. I've mentally prepared myself for tomorrow's day of work. I've almost gotten myself ready for awakening at 5am once again. Though, let's be honest, there's really nothing that anyone can do to prepare me for waking up that early. It's just wrong on so many levels.

For me, a long stretch of time off is a dangerous thing. I grow comfortable and kind of lazy. I've heard some people say that, when they take off work for a long stretch of time, they start to miss the job. I've never been that way. Maybe I've never taken off work for long enough to really make that kind of difference. Maybe it's that they seem unable to find something constructive to do with their time. I never have that problem. I always seem to be able to keep myself busy. It may not always be something constructive, but it's at least entertaining.

Please don't confuse this apathetic rant with a lousy work ethic. I really do like my job and I feel like I'm making a difference, or at least attempting to make a difference. I'm just saying, if I was one of those lucky few who struck some kind of jackpot, I wouldn't be the kind that keeps going back to work. You'd probably catch me volunteering somewhere at some point, but not until I grew bored with watching The Price Is Right each day.

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