Wednesday, March 14, 2012

The Single Guy and the Spree

The Single Guy decided that some new clothes were needed. It's been a long while since he decided to purchase something new to wear. The last time he bought new clothes, he was living in North Carolina. To him, that feels so long ago.

So he decided to visit the semi-new Kohl's in Roanoke. He has a Kohl's card and received a coupon for 30% off everything in the mail. This, he knew, would add up to some pretty severe savings.

The Single Guy hates spending money. Even if it means spending money on important items that are needed. At this point, new clothes were fairly close to a necessity. His closet held only one pair of decent khakis for him to wear to school. He discovered this problem when he tried to put on a different pair of pants only to find a gigantic gaping hole in the pocket. He could have worn those pants, but his keys would have definitely found a way to drop down the leg of those pants. Who wants a set of keys in their shoe? Not the Single Guy.

Oh, and the shoe that the Single Guy would have had those keys falling into? It was falling apart. So was its partner. So it was time for a new pair of shoes, as well.

You may be wondering what all the Single Guy bought at the Kohl's. He felt comfortable getting only one pair of pants. He also felt comfortable with only one pair of shoes. He got a pair that had no laces. That will shave off a good 90 seconds off his getting-ready-for-work time in the mornings. And, for the Single Guy, every second counts when you have 90 minute drive ahead of you.

Along with those two (technically three) items, the Single Guy found a few shirts that seemed nice. All in all, he spent around $180 on clothes. That sure sounds like a lot, doesn't it? But here's the fun part... Thanks to purchasing only items that were marked down, as well as that nifty coupon and the discount for using the Kohl's card, he saved a little more than $240. That means he really bought more than $400 worth of items.

The Single Guy really doesn't like to go shopping. But he likes it when they circle a big number representing how much he saved.

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