Wednesday, February 01, 2012

So It Turns Out...

I have to move. Again.

I may have briefly mentioned previously that I've taken on a new job. I really don't want to get too detailed with what's going on, but I do want to share that I'm excited about this new step.

Back before I moved to North Carolina, I was working for a non-profit organization in Roanoke. My position with this company was as a Day Treatment Counselor in a local middle school. It was a good job and I was actually using my degree, something I'm still making payments on.

Somehow, I've managed to get hired by the same company, but I'm working out of a different office. The place I go for all my training is in Christiansburg, roughly 45 minutes from my apartment. Not familiar with Christiansburg? Have you heard of Blacksburg? It's where Virginia Tech is located. Well, it's right next door to Christiansburg.

A 45 minute commute isn't great, but it's doable. After all, it's the amount of time I spent in the car driving to the bank when I lived in Wake Forest and worked in Raleigh. But it's not ideal.

Thing is, my commute will be a little heavier than a mere 45 minutes. See, I'll actually be spending my days at an elementary school in the middle of nowhere. And there's really no easy way to get there. The one way trip to get there? Roughly 90 minutes.

Now, I get excellent gas mileage. But nothing makes it worth spending three hours in a car every day. But I know this is going to be a job that I'll be good at and enjoy. That's a rare combination these days. So the drive may not be too swell, but the job is definitely worth a move.

But where could I move? I'm thinking Radford. That's probably another one that most of you may have never heard of. It's the home of Radford University. I almost went there. I almost transferred there after my freshman year at Bluefield. But I didn't. I'm glad I didn't. Doesn't mean it isn't a decent school. Doesn't mean it isn't a decent town.

Though Radford was the scene of my unfortunate hospitalization. But I don't foresee any horrible flashbacks occurring if I should move there.

Anyway, if I were to move to Radford, it would cut my commute time by roughly an hour. That's 33% less drive time than if I stay in Roanoke. Totally worth it.

So, uh... does anyone know where I can find an affordable apartment that isn't a hole in the ground somewhere in the Radford area? I'm open to suggestions. I've been scouring the Craigslist and looking at some apartment finding websites. I figure that's a good start. Wish me luck!


  1. Good luck! You've had a whirlwind of a year, eh?

  2. Good luck on your apartment search!!