Saturday, February 04, 2012

The Single Guy Takes a Step That Is New

The Single Guy took a quick trip to Radford this afternoon to take a look at a couple potential apartments. Well, they're not potential apartments. They are both apartments. But one of them could potentially be the Single Guy's home in the near future.

The Single Guy decided early this week that spending three hours in the car each day was just too much. While he doesn't mind spending time behind the wheel, the gas money would pretty much kill him. It would completely negate the advantage of making more money in his new career. So the Single Guy was Craigslist bound. He figured that seeking a place on Craigslist worked out with his current living situation, why shouldn't it work again?

He was faced with two choices: One is an apartment above some stores on Main Street. The other is an apartment above some stores on Main Street. They're almost directly across the street from each other. That made finding these places a bit easier on the Single Guy.

At the first apartment, he met the former tenant, who had recently moved out because she broke up with the guy that would be the Single Guy's potential roommate. The apartment was clean and had a nice layout. And, apparently, the roommate is hardly ever there.

At the second apartment, the Single Guy met a potential roommate, as well as one who had recently moved out. Both of whom are students at Radford University. Oh... small detail... these potential roommates are women.

When the Single Guy first responded to this ad on Craigslist, he got a text message from a girl who had recently moved out (not the one he met at the apartment). She asked if he would be okay living with two female roommates. He figured, "I'm okay with it if they are." So he set up a time to drop by and take the tour.

After seeing both apartments, the Single Guy was left with a choice. Like many things in life, there are pros and cons to both options. On the one hand, he could live with a guy that's hardly ever there. On the other hand, he could live with chicks, man.

On the one hand, he could have a pretty large bedroom, complete with a pretty large closet. On the other hand, he could live with chicks, man.

He could pay $320 plus utilities in that first apartment. Or he could pay $275 plus utilities in the other. Oh, and live with chicks, man.

When it comes down to it, the real weight on the decision comes with the cheaper rent. Plus, the Single Guy hasn't lived with women before. Well, not since he moved out of his mother's place so many years ago. And really, that doesn't count. So living with two women could make life very interesting for a while.

And he's already decided to change his phone's ringtone to the Three's Company theme song.

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