Friday, January 06, 2012

A Friend Request

Remember my manager from when I used to work at the bank? It was a long time ago, back when I lived in the Raleigh area. Way back in 2011. Anyway... He's put out a plea via Facebook to help out a friend of his and has requested that I share the request on my blog. This is something I'm happy to do.

Here is his request, taken directly from his post on Facebook:

I have a friend that is 3 months behind on his/her mortgage. This is not some drug addict or someone that has a spending problem. He/she has fell on some very hard times and now faces foreclosure. I would like to reach out to everyone I know to offer some annonymous help. If 150 people could offer $20 this would bring him/her current. Contact me directly if you would like to help. I am using facebook b/c it is the fastest and easiest way to reach a lot of people. Thank you in advance

To contact Charles, you can reach him through his Facebook page.

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