Tuesday, October 25, 2011

10 Day You Challenge - Two Songs


Day Is Done - Peter, Paul & Mary
Dream On - Aerosmith

These aren't my favorite songs in the world. I like far too many songs to really have favorites. And even if I could possibly choose favorites, they would change within a few weeks. I don't listen to a lot of new music these days, but when I do, I'm usually able to find something I like. And as often as I listen to old music on CDs, it's not surprising that an old song might turn into a temporary favorite.

I chose Day Is Done because it holds a special place in my memory. I would never consider myself a fan of Peter, Paul & Mary. In fact, the only other song of theirs that I'm really familiar with would be Puff the Magic Dragon. But I love Day Is Done because it's something my Dad used to sing to me. He wouldn't sing the whole thing, just enough to calm me down when I was upset or scared. If I ever decide to grow up and have a son of my own, it's a song that I'll sing to him whenever he's upset or scared...

Tell me why you're crying, my son
I know you're frightened, like everyone
Is it the thunder in the distance you fear
Would it help if I stay very near?
I am here.

And if you take my hand, my son
All will be well when the day is done
And if you take my hand, my son
All will be well when the day is done

As far as a reason for why I chose Dream On... well... it's just awesome. It's one that I love to play in my car while I'm driving. I get a kick out of singing along and wailing at the tops of my lungs on the wicked high part at the end. If I ever manage to get people to go along on a karaoke night, I'm definitely singing that one. Just gonna blow everyone away.


  1. Nice selections, Great reasons.

  2. The first song I don't know but just because of why you like it, it's awesome.
    As for Aerosmith, you can never go wrong with them. I've seen them in concert more than any other band. I might have to consider one of their songs for the challenge tomorrow.