Tuesday, September 13, 2011

What I'll Be Deeveeyarring This Season

I'll be honest... I haven't had this option in a while. A long while. I've said it before and I'm sure I'll say it again, it's really hard to go without a DVR if you've ever experienced having one for any length of time. You get used to it. You come to depend upon it. It's more convenient than a VCR* because you don't have to worry about those big awkward VHS tapes. You can set it to record every episode of a particular show and you don't have to worry about missing it. You can go out and hang out with your friends and when you get back, you can watch your shows without commercials. Pretty nifty if you ask me. So I have one again. And now I have the opportunity to watch TV shows I otherwise would have had to miss. Or watch on the Hulu. For the sake of chronology, I'll be working my way through the week, beginning with Monday...

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How I Met Your Mother
'Cause I've been committed to this show for years and I really want to find out who the mother is. I watched Lost for six years waiting to find out what the heck the Smoke Monster was and I really don't feel like I got a satisfying answer. If this happens with Future Ted's story to his children, I'm gonna be really upset.

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Yeah, I watch Glee. I like the music. The stories aren't that great and the writing also isn't that great. But the music is fun.

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Two words: Sarah Michelle Gellar. Okay, that's three words. But she's playing two parts. That's right, I had a hard time letting go of Buffy the Vampire Slayer. What of it?

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Modern Family
I didn't start watching this at the beginning, but I've recently caught up on it and I think it's friggin' hysterical. I'd really like to work more of Phil's expletives into my every day language. "Son of Jor-El!"

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Happy Endings
This one I did start watching from the beginning. It was a mid-season replacement last season and I'm glad it got picked up for a full season. I really like the dynamic between the cast and like how there's a lot of dry, witty, sarcastic humor. That kind of thing really resonates with me.

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If you don't know why I'm watching this show then you don't know me at all. Best. Comedy. On TV. Period. Also, Alison Brie.

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Parks and Recreation
Until a few weeks ago, I never really gave this show a chance. I saw the pilot episode and it didn't do much for me. But I've been noticing a lot of funny things which have originated with this show thanks to the wonder of the internet and thanks in large part to Amy's occasional glowing recommendation. That's right, I blame you.

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The Office
Sure, Steve Carrell is gone. But I'm in too deep to give up on it now. I give them one more season before NBC pulls the plug. I just don't see Dunder-Mifflin surviving much longer without Michael Scott to steer the ship. I'm also saying the same thing about Two and a Half Men without the Sheen. Not that I watch Two and a Half Men.

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It's kind of a surprise that we're seeing a 5th season out of this show. I mean, it's definitely a pleasant surprise. But it's one more season and, from what I hear, it's the last. So I'll keep it going 'til the end. It's a great show that mixes a lot of genres in one good hour while catering to the geek in all of us. Also, Yvonne Strahovski.

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I haven't heard a lot about this one, but it's apparently a modern twist on some of the old Grimm Fairy Tales. Maybe it turns the old stories into a procedural-type cop drama? I don't know, I'll give it a shot. It's on right after Chuck anyway.

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This is one of those that's just gotten better as time goes by. At the end of last season, Pacey Peter was seemingly erased from existence. How do they come back from that? And that is why I'll be watching when this season premieres.

Once Upon a Time
Pretty much the same reason I'm interested in Grimm. I like new twists on old classics. Even though I often complain about there not being any original ideas in Hollywood these days. Maybe I just want to see how different this will be from The Charmings**.

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The Amazing Race
One of two reality shows I like watching. Don't take that away from me.

So that's 13 shows. I feel like that's fewer than I've wanted to catch in the past. I hope it's fewer. 'Cause I claimed at the end of Smallville that I wouldn't allow myself to get caught up in any new series. Here I am latching on to three of them. I don't think Grimm will last. Everyone knows that Friday night is where networks send TV shows to die. It's a little shocking the Fringe survived Friday nights last year to make it another season. Also, I'd probably give the Charlie's Angels reboot a shot, but I have a feeling I'd just end up disappointed. I don't need another Knight Rider or Bionic Woman on my conscience.

What are you watching this year?

*A VCR is a machine that was once used to record television programs on large cassette tapes that took up a lot of space in your living room.

**The Charmings was a TV show that brought Prince Charming and Snow White into the modern world. It was bad.

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