Saturday, September 03, 2011

Netflix Returns

Not long after I moved back to Roanoke, I made the decision to drop my Netflix subscription. In truth, I didn't cancel the subscription, I merely put my account on hold for a while. The reason? Well, I was having a lot of roommate issues and internet issues, and those issues seemed to intertwine at every turn.

My biggest use for Netflix, like so many others out there, was the ability to instantly view movies via the interweb. And when I say the interweb, I really mean through my handy Playstation 3. Not that it was a bad thing to try and watch things on my laptop, but if I have the option to see it on a larger screen in high def, I'm gonna take it.

But then I ran into that little problem of not having continuous access to the wireless network. And I really wasn't sure how long that was going to last. So I put Netflix on hold until further notice. Really, they would only allow me to suspend things until October, at which point I would have had to decide if I wanted to cancel the service altogether.

Thankfully, the network is working great now. I'm on the internet whenever I feel like it and there have been no hiccups. Yet. Now that I've said that, I'm sure something will happen to upset the status quo. But for now, things are working great.

So I've returned to the Netflix I had come to know and love. I'm back to watching movies and TV shows through the Playstation and have begun receiving DVDs in the mail again. This is good because I can get back to my New Year's resolution of watching all 100 of the AFI's top films of all time. I know how excited two or three of you must be at reading that bit of news.

I'm excited about it anyway. And here's a surprise: Remember how I should have watched the classic Ben-Hur first since it was listed at number 100? Remember how I couldn't because Netflix didn't seem to have that DVD available? Well it's available now. And I'm watching it as I type this. So expect my thoughts on that sooner than later. Isn't that exciting to those two or three of you who care what I think about classic movies? Yeah. Something to look forward to.

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