Monday, September 19, 2011

Legends of the Bank Teller: The Last Laugh

What's that you say? You thought the previous legend was the Last Legend? Yeah, so did I. But this is just too blogworthy to let slide by.

So, remember how I used to complain about how stupidity seemed to run rampant in the world of banking? Not so much with me or my colleagues, but with the every day people who came across our paths. I'd cite examples but I know there are far too many to go around. Turns out that there's a really good chance I need to lump myself in with the rest of humanity. That's right. I'm one of the stupid ones.

For nearly four years I worked for the bank. And for nearly four years I lived my life under the belief that I was living each pay period one paycheck behind. Boy, was I wrong.

When I quit, I left believing that I would receive my final paycheck in the mail, and I was okay with that. Especially when I believed that my last paycheck would consist of two days worth of work and would arrive a month later. Little did I know, that last paycheck would arrive in my bank only two weeks later.

Under the umbrella of ignorance, I firmly believed that two weeks after I quit, I would receive a paycheck that reflected the second half of the month of August. So when I checked my account on the 15th of this month I received a nasty shock. The automatic deposit that went into my account was roughly $600 less than what I had expected.

That's the part where I threw up a little and panicked over how I would pay my bills for the second half of the month.

So I did what any other average American would do. I got a cash advance on a credit card, throwing myself deeper into debt, and found a way to pay my bills. On the bright side, I was able to make ends meet, allowing me to breathe again until I get paid at the beginning of October. The bad news is that cash advance comes with a wonderful 8 billion percent interest rate. I really look forward to paying on that for a while.

So I may have left the bank without giving a full two weeks notice, but it would seem that the bank had the last laugh. Well played nameless banking corporation... well played.


  1. karma, maybe? ;)

    either way - boo to cash advances.

  2. Hey Aaron, if your paycheck is incorrect please call so we can look into it.
    Don't want you to think "The Bank", did you wrong.:-)
    God Bless,

  3. Thanks Tiphanie. The Bank didn't do me wrong. Everything is the way it was supposed to be. It was me that made the mistake on what was coming and when. I'm going with Shannon on this one. A little bit of karma. But it's all good. :)