Thursday, August 18, 2011

30 Day Blog Challenge: Twenty Fourth Day

A Photo of Something That Means a Lot to You

I've been told that I don't have a sentimental bone in my body. Actually, when mom says that to me, it sounds a little more like an accusation than a statement of fact. I'm not saying she's wrong. I just don't see why there's anything wrong with that.

I guess I don't see anything wrong with it because I have no sentimentality to speak of.

Okay, I do have some sentimentality. But I don't get attached to things. And I think this is a personality trait that has served me well. After all, I don't feel the need to hold on to things forever and ever. Therefore, when I pass away at the ripe old age of 103, I won't have 103 years of crap rotting away in boxes in my attic and/or basement for my grandchildren to have to go through and fight over.

I'm not saying they would fight over these things. I'm saying they would fight over who draws the short straw and gets the burden of dealing with all these things rotting away in boxes in my attic and/or basement.

I probably shouldn't say I'll have grandchildren either.

All that is to say that I've racked my brain all day long and couldn't come up with a single image of a single thing that means a lot to me. People mean a lot to me. Things... not so much. I enjoy having a TV of my very own, but I don't have fuzzy feelings about it. I like having books to read, but these things are replaceable. Photos are a good thing to have, but it would be kind of redundant to post a photo of a stack of photos.

When it comes down to it, if my place burned down tomorrow, a great deal of these things could easily be replaced. Well, not easily... I mean, it's a pretty tough time in our economy right now. I wouldn't be able to just run out and replace everything immediately. But you get my meaning. Nothing is permanent anyway. Why get attached? I can't take it with me when I die at the ripe old age of 109.

That's right. I just extended my lifespan by six years. Deal with it.

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