Monday, August 15, 2011

30 Day Blog Challenge: Twenty First Day

A Photo of Something That Makes You Happy

I'm sorry. I just don't care about that many things. I don't get attached to stuff. So I don't have many items that just make me smile, just because I have them. But the thing I picked to display a picture of, well, I have a lot of them.


I love watching movies. I love watching movies repeatedly. I am entirely content sitting around and watching movies all day long. I love movie marathons. I love watching movies with people. I love going to the movies, even if I'm going alone. I'm just a movies kind of guy.

I'm not saying that having all these movies has made my life easier or puts a smile on my face when I see these stacks of DVDs. I just like knowing that, when there's nothing on TV, I have plenty of options.

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