Thursday, August 25, 2011

30 Day Blog Challenge: Thirtieth Day

A Photograph of You Today and Three Good Things That Have Happened in the Past 30 Days

That's me. Today. Tonight, actually. 'Cause it's 11pm as I write this sentence. I'm falling behind on this thing. Anyway...

3 Good Things from the Last 30 Days

First: I discovered that the theater near me shows matinees between 4 and 5:30pm for only $5.00. That is an amazing admission price.

Second: I went back to church for the first time since December of last year. Not that I've been back since that particular Sunday, but it made me realize it's something I've missed. On a related note, I've been doing better about keeping up with a daily devotion and spending more time in prayer.

Third: I probably saved the life of a wild turtle that was crossing the street. Felt pretty good about that one.

It's been a good 30 days. Honestly, I'm gonna miss these go-to blog posts on a daily basis. This means I have to go back to relying on events in my real life to fill my daily blog posts. Keep your fingers crossed for some exciting times ahead. Thanks again to Amy at Ha Ha. Wait. What? for the Blog Challenge. Have a good night kids.

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  1. Glad you completed it! I'm still a little behind. I don't usually blog on the weekends and I also skipped a couple of weekdays...Oops!

    Happy Friday!