Monday, August 08, 2011

30 Day Blog Challenge: Fourteenth Day

A TV Show You're Currently Addicted To

                                       Source: via Alissa's on Pinterest

I used to be able to blame my NC family for this one. But I'm not there this summer and I still can't seem to miss an episode of Big Brother.

I will say that the Greene clan got me started on Big Brother. Before the ninth season, I hadn't even seen a single episode since the show started back in 2000. But since season 9, I've pretty much been hooked.

And it's currently the only reality show I still watch. Unless you want to count The Amazing Race, which I might. I gave up on American Idol and I just can't get into all those shows on History and Discovery that the Other Single Guy insists are not "reality" shows, though we all know they are.

I'm not sure what it is. There's something intriguing about watching these people thrown into a house together and watching cabin fever set in. It's not like watching The Real World. These people don't get to go to bars to get plastered and get into fights every night. They're stuck in the house for three months without a break. It's the kind of thing that could drive people insane. It's television gold.

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