Saturday, July 09, 2011

Too Many Books

I'll be honest, I don't believe that such a thing as the title of this post is at all possible. I love books. I love having them and owning them and reading them and rereading them.

In preparation for my move back to Virginia, I got rid of a lot of my personal belongings. But I refused to get rid of my books. Despite my love for all of these paperback and hard cover objects, I just don't have room for all of them anymore.

I sold two of my large bookshelves that I once owned. Sure, the money was nice to have while I had it. But mostly, I didn't want to move the bookshelves. My thought was, the less furniture I have to move the better. And now, here I am, with the same amount of books, but nowhere to put them.

It's a slight dream of mine to someday have my own place again in which I can set aside a room and call it my library. This is where I'll house all of these amazing books. It'll have bookshelves lining the walls filled with books. It'll have a comfy chair next to a huge window where I can sit and read by the natural sunlight. Of course there will be a decent floor lamp behind the chair as well, that way I can still read once the sun sets. It's a nice dream, right?

But who knows when that will be? At the moment, I look to my left and see these books stacked up in the corner of my bedroom. I almost feel like they're being abused by sitting on the floor. I don't like thinking that they're being neglected, but right now they kind of are.

And then I remind myself that these things are just inanimate objects with no thoughts or feelings of their own.

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