Thursday, July 14, 2011

Life Story - Chapter Fifty Eight

I promise, this is the last story I'll tell about a class I took my senior year. Not because I think this subject bores you. After all, how could any story I'm telling about my remarkable life possibly bore anyone? Okay, it probably is boring, but I don't care. This is my blog and I won't let you dictate what I do here!

Wow... I don't know where that came from. I apologize for my outburst. It was uncalled for.

Uh... class... senior year...

I took a college level biology class for college credit. It was one of those dual enrollment things that I thought would be a really good idea. Turns out it was a really bad idea. It's because I was still under the impression that I didn't have to try to get passing grades. That theory worked fine for those high school level courses. But this was college biology, or "BIO 101" as they listed it in the Virginia Western Community College course catalog.

Yeah, you can't just coast through college courses. You have to actually do the work. You have to actually study for the exams. Boy, did I learn that lesson the hard way.

I barely passed that class. With a D. It's the only D I ever got. And do you know why I got a D? Because at the end of the year we had an optional extra credit activity involving the dissection of a cat. That's right, if I hadn't participated in the cat dissection, I'd have failed college biology in 12th grade.

Don't judge me for cutting open a cat. It was already dead. It came that way in the mail. At least, that's the story our teacher told us. I can only assume that the cat died of natural causes and was not run over by our biology teacher. But let's change the subject, you know too much already.

Despite my poor performance in that class, we did do some pretty neat stuff. We took a field trip to Lakewood Park to scour the creek and pond for wildlife. We collected crayfish (or crawdads) and tadpoles and brought them back to our classroom (or lab) to study them and watch them grow.

I think there was something seriously wrong with the tadpoles we found. They never lost their tails. They never grew legs. They never became frogs. Come to think of it, they may have just been minnows.

Honestly, I don't know how I got a D in that class.


  1. I took that class too! I remember the trip to the pond and right after I the trip I dropped the class so I would not receive a failing grade....another reason being I was the odd student out.

  2. LOL. I used to love catching tadpoles when I was younger!

    At my high school, Biology was something we took our freshman year and we sadly did not take any field trips. And we dissected frogs, not cats. I don't think I could have done a cat.