Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Legends of the Bank Teller: Creeped the Heck Out

I'm working at a branch of the bank that's located inside of a grocery store now. So I haven't just had to get acquainted with my co-workers inside the branch. I've had to get acquainted with some of the store employees as well.

This is gonna come across as a complaint. So brace yourself.

There's this older guy that works for the store here. I've seen him at the front of the store, usually going back and forth from the parking lot. I assume he bags groceries and brings carts in from the drop off areas in the lot.

He really gives me the creeps.

Every time he walks by the bank, he looks in, and I'd swear he's looking for me. And when he sees me, I'd swear he stare at me the entire time he's walking by. Most of the time I don't have to look to know he's there. I can feel the stare. If I happen to make the mistake of looking up as he's passing by, he does one of two things: he either waves or points at me. Neither of these make me feel comfortable.

And he's always got this look on his face that's somewhere between a smile and a grimace. He really disturbs me.

If Barney Stinson is reading this, he'll know how I feel. It's probably the way he feels when the Samurai comes into the branch down in Raleigh. Just... completely wigged out...

And he stopped by my station today. He asked for change for a quarter. Seriously? Change for a quarter? Dude, you're weird...


  1. Just a few weeks on the job, and already you've got an admirer. That's kind of sweet.