Sunday, July 24, 2011


Wally West was running harder than he had ever run before. Of course it was harder. He had lost his power. At one time, he was the fastest man alive. He was the Flash.

Now he was just Wally West. But after being considered a hero for so many years, it was a mentality that he couldn't just let go of. When he saw that kid snatch the woman's purse on the streets of Keystone City, he took off. Problem was, that kid was faster.

Not too long ago, Wally could have run from New York to LA in a matter of seconds. Now he was sluggishly moving down a couple city blocks and getting winded. Ahead of him, the teenaged crook was pulling ahead. Wally knew he couldn't possibly close that distance. He was only in his mid-20s, but without access to the Speed Force, he felt like an out of shape man in his 50s trying to run a marathon.

He couldn't explain how or why his super speed had gone away. Ever since his uncle Barry had returned from the dead, Wally felt like his place as the Flash was growing more and more obsolete. After all, Barry had been his mentor. Even while Wally wore the cowl of the Flash, he never really felt like the Flash. He never felt he could measure up to the man he had looked up to for so long.

But he tried. And now he was still trying, even without powers of any kind. Up ahead, the kid turned a corner and Wally knew he had lost him. He kept running to that spot, but when he arrived, the crook was nowhere to be seen. Wally bent over and put his hands on his knees, desperately trying to catch his breath. He wiped the sweat off his forehead with his sleeve. He couldn't believe he was just beaten in a footrace. He couldn't even remember the last time that happened. He wasn't trying to be egotistical, but come on, he'd outraced Superman more than once.

"Looking for this?"

Wally looked up. Standing in front of him was the Flash. Barry Allen's blue eyes shined through the eye holes of the red cowl as he looked down at his nephew. He was holding the stolen purse. Wally was still breathing heavily and said, "I almost... had him..."

Barry clapped him on the shoulder. "I know you did." The Flash handed Wally the woman's purse. "You should probably get this back to its owner."

"Sure... I just... need to... finish learning how... to breathe again..." Wally said.

"Wally, I want you to know that we're working on this problem," Barry's tone turned sympathetic, yet serious. "There must be a reason you've lost your powers. If there's a way to get them back, I know we'll find it."

"I know, Uncle Barry," said Wally, keeping his voice low. "But if we don't, I'll adjust. I've got Linda. I've got the twins. I wasn't born with super speed. When I got the power, I adjusted. I can readjust to not having them. My life will go on. Besides, the city has its Scarlet Speedster. Do they really need two?"

Barry sighed, "I'm serious Wally, we'll find a way."

Wally only nodded, then looked away.

"I've gotta run," Barry said. "See you soon!" he said before he took off.

Wally was left standing alone in the crowd. He was holding onto a purse that belonged to a woman he didn't know. He turned around and slowly made his way back to where he left the mugging victim. He only needed to walk back about three blocks. But it all felt so distant to him. He didn't want to be the guy that felt sorry for himself.

What he had told Barry was true. He had Linda. He had the twins. He had a life and it would keep on going. It just wouldn't be as fast as it used to be.

This prompt inspired by Sunday Scribblings.

The Flash and all related characters are property of DC Comics. I don't own any of those characters, nor do I own the idea of the Speed Force. I'm just a big, geeky fan who thought it would be fun to do a little fan fiction this week.


  1. What does Wally want? He just got to be satisfied he can outrun the twins...for now. Now he can get home to Linda now he has been retrenched.