Sunday, July 24, 2011

Contest Reminder

Remember you have until noon today to submit your entries if you're interested in attending the Greenbrier Classic next weekend. That's just under three hours from the time of this posting.

What are you waiting for? We're talking about Tim McGraw, Keith Urban, and all four of the Black Eyed Peas... even the dude with the really long hair who just seems to dance around like he's having some kind of seizure. Seriously, gonna be fun!

1 comment:

  1. You mean the vaguely Asian dude? Well, that changes everything.
    But seriously, the concerts sound awesome. Golf . . . doesn't.
    I've perused the questions, and feel like I could get about 80% without having to cheat and find the answers in your blog, but I feel such an (at least half) awesome weekend would best be spent with one of you bros, or a Single Gal. Maybe I should find an appropriate one and give her my answers. =)