Sunday, July 31, 2011

30 Day Blog Challenge: Sixth Day

A Photo of an Animal You'd Love to Keep As a Pet

                                                                               Source: via Aaron on Pinterest

I don't have a dog and I'd really love to have one. I had a dog growing up and had to give her up under very negative circumstances. I haven't had a pet since giving Duchess up.

We didn't get rid of Duchess because of something that she did. And it wasn't because we weren't able to take care of her. We just weren't able to adequately protect her from the psychotic old man that lived behind us. We're talking obscene shouting from his back yard, brandishing firearms, tossing ground beef laced with rat poison over our fence. Real class act, that guy.

Duchess wasn't a Golden Retriever. She was a mix of some kind. She really was a beautiful dog. And she was smart, too. We had another, smaller dog, who had a bad back after a few years. Duchess learned to let Princess play rough, but to sit there and take it so she wouldn't hurt her. And nothing against Duchess, but I have always wanted a Golden Retriever.

If I'm ever in a comfortable position and living on my own again, I definitely want to have a dog of my own. And I want it to be a Golden Retriever. Some day.

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  1. I love love love having a dog!!

    I've always wanted a Golden Retriever!! I just started petsitting two Golden Retrievers and they are soooo sweet...but they shed like crazy!!!