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The other day I started listing off DC Comics' newly rebooted comics and gave some of my opinions about them. And I implied that I would go through all of them over the course of a couple blog posts. But you know what? That's a lot of comic book titles to go through. Mostly, my concern is with the amount of time it takes to organize all the cover images that I was planning to use along with those titles. So I'm sorry if you feel like I'm being lazy, but I'm not using the images for the rest of these things. I'm just gonna make a list and share my brief thoughts. I don't want to leave it undone, especially since I said I would go through them all. And so, without further gilding the lily and with no more ado, I give you the rest of DC Comics' relaunch...

All-Star Western - Here's where we'll see Jonah Hex. I saw the movie, wasn't that impressed. But then again, I'm not really a big fan of the westerns. Not interested.
Animal Man - This is a character that kind of has a cult following. I don't have anything against the guy, but I won't be getting it. Not interested.
Aquaman - I've never been a big fan of Aquaman. The jokes that they make about him in pop culture are pretty much the same things I think about him. However, this title is written by Geoff Johns. He's the guy that has turned Green Lantern into the awesome character that he is these days. I'll get anything that Johns does. Monthly.
Blackhawks - Used to be these guys were World War II characters (I think). Whatever the case... Not interested.
Blue Beetle - I've liked this character since he was first introduced. The Blue Beetle I grew up knowing was killed in one of those big events. This kid was introduced not long after. But I didn't stick with his original series, even though the issues I got were very good. I'll give this a shot. First issue.
Captain Atom - I can see some of this character's appeal after a recent stint in a mini-series. But I'm just not that into it. Not interested.
DC Comics Presents - This is being billed as an anthology series. Not really sure what to expect. First issue.
Deathstroke - Here's one of the bad guys. He's a hardcore mercenary. Not interested.
Demon Knights - This is supposed to take place in the medieval DC Universe. Like westerns, I don't really get into the comics dealing with the magic side of things. Not interested.
Flash - Most recently, Geoff Johns was writing this book. But he's not anymore. But I still like the Flash. First issue.
Frankenstein, Agent of SHADE - Really? Not interested.
Fury of Firestorm - Like Animal Man or Captain Atom, I don't have anything against this character (or characters, since the hero has more than one personality hanging out in there). I'm just not into it. Not interested.
Green Arrow - I go through phases where I like Green Arrow and then I don't. I'll give it a try. First issue.
Green Lantern - Thanks to a lot of what Geoff Johns has done over the last few years, this has been DC's consistently best title month after month. Without question. Monthly.
Green Lantern Corps - Without question. Monthly.
Green Lantern: The New Guardians - This is a new title spinning out of Green Lantern. So... yeah... Monthly.
Grifter - I have no idea. And couldn't care less. Not interested.
Hawk and Dove - Not a fan. Never really have been. Even when they supposedly killed the characters and brought them back. Not interested.
I, Vampire - Like the Frankenstein title. Really? Not interested.
Justice League - Okay, it's got all the big guns. How can I not get it? Monthly.
Justice League Dark - It's a different Justice League. The kind that deals with magic and stuff. Not interested.
Justice League International - These guys were the Justice League when I was a kid. Plenty of nostalgia there. Monthly.
Legion Lost - I've just stopped caring about the Legion of Super-Heroes. When it was closely connected to Superman, they had me. But these days... whatever... Not interested.
Legion of Super-Heroes - See above. Not interested.
Mister Terrific - This is an interesting character that I used to like reading along with the Justice Society. But everyone else from the Justice Society seems to have disappeared from the new DC Universe. Why should I care about the one that got left over? Not interested.
OMAC - Any character that has gone by the name OMAC has been confusing. Not interested.
Red Lanterns - Another new one that spins off of Green Lantern. Monthly. Resurrection Man - I don't think so. Not interested.
Savage Hawkman - Another character who has had some confusing back stories. Hawkman has had about a hundred different origins, and they're not all that similar. And it looks like this is another new origin that has little or nothing to do with previous versions. Not interested.
Sgt. Rock and the Men of War - Sgt. Rock was another WWII character. Not interested.
Static Shock - Static was a great character when he was a part of the Teen Titans. Then he left the team and, like Batwoman, DC promised he'd get his own title. Months later, they've decided to postpone it until this reboot. But with things being so different, is he the same character? Should I still be interested? Not interested.
Stormwatch - I have no idea what this is all about. Looks like they've thrown the Martian Manhunter in with some second stringers. Not fair for the green guy, who's been in just about every incarnation of the Justice League. Not interested.
Suicide Squad - A group of bad guys that get sprung out of prison by the government to do the government's dirty work. Not interested.
Swamp Thing - I remember the movie when I was a kid. I don't know that I was ever a fan though. Not interested.
Teen Titans - Superboy's on the team. So is Batman's third Robin, Tim Drake, now known as Red Robin. What's with the wings though? He never had wings before. I've always liked the Titans though. Monthly.
Voodoo - Huh? Not interested.
Wonder Woman - While I haven't necessarily liked a lot of the recent developments in Wonder Woman's story, I still like the character and am willing to keep giving it a chance. Especially if they can explain everything that's been happening. Monthly.

Well that does it. There are some characters that don't appear to exist at this point. Where is Power Girl? I always liked her title. It was a good mix of action and comedy, and didn't take the super hero thing quite so seriously. Where's Stephanie Brown, the girl who's been Batgirl for the last two years? Where's Wally West, the guy who was the Flash for about 20 years between Barry Allen's death and rebirth? I really hope these questions get answered.

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