Thursday, June 30, 2011


Well, that hiatus didn't last very long, did it? I thought for sure I was going to be incommunicado for at least a week. Turns out it was all a huge miscommunication.

See, I moved in over the weekend. I have two new roommates. These are guys that I never met before coming to get an initial look at the apartment. Yeah, it's this new thing I'm trying out.

Anyway, when I finally started to settle in Sunday evening, I was turning on my laptop and asked Roommate #1 about what kind of wireless network we had set up in here. He gave me the name of the router I'd be searching for as well as the password to log on to the secure network.

So I tried to connect. And I got nothing. I tried pulling the ethernet cable through the wall to connect my computer directly to it. The laptop told me I was unplugged. Clearly the computer was lying since I could see the wire plugged directly into the side of it. However, to be fair, I had no way of knowing if the other end of the cable was connected to anything at all.

But it was late. It had been a long two days filled with lifting and moving and driving and unloading... I was tired. So I went to bed that night disappointed.

Side bar: I was also disappointed for another reason. The sofa that I've been using as a bed for the last year or so wouldn't fit in my new room. My dream of a good night's sleep was kind of shattered at that point. One more thing to try to get rid of on Craigslist.

Days passed and I still had no internet access. Eventually Brandon offered to come over to take a look at the set up. It was my deep hope that he knew more about all this stuff than I did. Thankfully, he did know more about it than I did. But it would turn out, he really didn't need to know more about it.

Roommate #1 drops in while Brandon's hard at work. And in the span of about a 3 minute conversation, it's revealed that he gave me the wrong password Sunday night. So there's our miscommunication. He told me the password and I was gullible enough to believe him.

But now it's all settled. I'm back online, sharing with you, my 43 loyal readers, all about my days of solitude. It was harder than I thought it would be, not having the internet to console me after a long day at work. But that's all over now. It's good to be back.

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