Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Jade, R.I.P.

Ladies and gentlemen, we are gathered today to bid farewell to Jade, a 1998 Ford Escort.

After a long battle with numerous small mechanical problems, Jade gave her last ride on Sunday night. She was finally done in by a broken valve that dropped into the engine and shattered. The pieces shot around the engine like shrapnel from a grenade. It was too much for Jade to handle.

She was towed to a local garage. She would have been pronounced dead on arrival, but since it was a Sunday evening, they were closed. And since it was Memorial Day weekend, the mechanics wouldn't be back until Tuesday morning. But upon examining Jade on Tuesday, the mechanics determined that she couldn't be saved.

Arrangements have been made for Jade's final resting place. Jade was listed as a part donor and it is hoped that some of her working parts can be used as needed in cars that still have a functioning engine.

In lieu of flowers please send monetary donations to Jade's former owner, Aaron Peck. Donations can be made through the Paypal donation button on the ride side of this page.


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