Monday, June 27, 2011


So I'm in my apartment. It's a place I'm sharing with 2 strangers. Okay, I don't care what MTV shows us, moving in with strangers isn't so much about the extremes of crazy fun and crazy drama.

I got in there and slept on an air mattress last night. I had planned to sleep on the same sofa that I've been sleeping on for the last couple years. But we couldn't get it into the bedroom. And so, it's one more thing I have to try and get rid of.

Add to that the fact that I absolutely could not connect to the wireless network that they supposedly have set up in the apartment, well, it made for a very long night.

Apparently there are a lot of kinks to work out. I've got a lot of unpacking left to do and a lot of rearranging to make the room fit me. I don't really believe in the whole feng shui thing, but it would be nice to have a space that I can enjoy spending my time in. And I'll be spending a lot of time in there, believe me.

I'm pretty much thinking of treating it like a dorm room. I think I have a mini-refrigerator coming my way thanks to my friend Kara. Sidebar: Thank you to Kara, Brandon, and Mark for helping me get moved in yesterday. Extra thanks to Mark for driving his truck down to Wake Forest to help load up a U-Haul trailer with my stuff. Not sure what I'd have done if he hadn't been able to be there.

Anyway, back to the dorm room... Right now it's a huge mess. It's very un-feng shui. Is there an opposite of feng shui? I've got boxes and plastic tubs filled with things. I've got a picture in my mind of how I want it to look when it's all said and done, but for the moment, it feels very overwhelming. Kind of like my life right now.

I'm going to need to buy a bed. Though the air mattress I borrowed from my mother worked pretty well. But it's too big for the floor space. Yeah, sure, it can deflate in a matter of minutes, but it'd be nice to have something along the lines of a twin-sized deal.

Something else that would be awesome? The ability to connect to the internet. I've got a laptop and a Playstation that I kind of feel are slightly worthless without the ability to get online. I need the internet for my Netflix. I need the internet to write on this here blog. To some people the ability to get on the internet might be a little thing that they can do without. But it's become such an integral part of my life, it's hard to go back to a life without.

So here's my plan, are you ready? I'm gonna spend my free time this week trying to get my dorm room situated. After that, I'll call the cable company and see what I can do about the internet situation. I'm wanting to get a DVR for my room anyway and they'll have to run cable in there for that. Maybe they can figure out some way to split the cable internet into the room so I can be hardwired in. I don't need wi-fi. It's just more convenient. But if it means being able to check my Facebook, I'll stay tethered to a cable. I really don't mind.

I'm trying to be optimistic. And maybe after a couple weeks things will be a lot better. It's just really hard to see that far ahead of me when there's so much piled up in front of me that I have to wade through first.


  1. Good luck. These kinds of transitions are never easy.

  2. Yikes! I hate's the worst! Hope it gets better!