Wednesday, June 08, 2011

AFI 78 - Modern Times

Modern Times
Directed by Charlie Chaplin
Netflix sleeve: Conceived and produced as talking pictures were taking Hollywood by storm, Charlie Chaplin's brilliant satire of the machine age was also his last "silent," even though it also features his first words spoken on film. The Little Tramp shuffles bravely forward into a maze of technology and the rapidly changing shape of society. Although barely in control of his own fate, he demonstrates pluck and endurance in the face of unstoppable forces.

I had seen this many years ago. I think I was in high school, so I couldn't truly appreciate a mostly silent film for all that it was. Really, I still can't truly appreciate a silent film for all it is. For an example, look back at my thoughts on Sunrise. This was different for me though. But not because there are a few spoken lines. I think it's more because this one made me laugh. It's not so heavy and dramatic. Yes, there is a serious nature to the subject mater that Chaplin is bringing to the screen. But it's a satire of the way the world is heading, or was heading in 1936. This is a good one. Check it out.

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