Thursday, June 16, 2011

AFI 77 - All the President's Men

All the President's Men
Directed by Alan J. Pakula
Netflix sleeve: The film that launched a thousand journalism school students, All the President's Men chronicles how the work of reporters Bob Woodward (Robert Redford) and Carl Bernstein (Dustin Hoffman) contributed to the public downfall of President Richard M. Nixon. The duo connected a Washington, D.C. hotel break-in with a Nixon "dirty tricks" team assigned to discredit Democratic rivals, launching a series of tense events that forced Nixon to resign.

I first saw this movie back in high school. As much as I love to write, it didn't inspire me to major in journalism once I got to college. Looking back, there's a part of me that wishes I had majored in journalism. But that wouldn't have been inspired so much by Woodward and Bernstein as it would have been by Lane and Kent. That's not to say it wasn't an inspiring movie, as far as investigative journalism goes. I just don't know that it would wind up in my personal top 100.

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  1. Not because of its great directing or acting, but I loved this movie. Probably because I love anything relating to the history of our country - any of the "major" events. I think it would sit somewhere around 79, for me.