Monday, May 09, 2011


This weekend I went with my friend Bryce to see the new Marvel super-hero film, Thor. And really, if you couldn't tell that from the title of this post or from the poster image to the right, you have larger concerns than my opinion of the movie.

I like going to see movies with Bryce. He's a pretty smart kid. He's sarcastic and has a pretty dry sense of humor, so we get along great. Also, he holds the same contempt for 3D as I do. Much of the time he voices the same complaints that I tend to internalize. For example, "Do they just put it in 3D so they can charge an extra $2.50?" Yes, Bryce, I'm pretty sure they do.

But, despite the fact that Thor was presented in 3D for a $9.50 matinee ticket, it was actually good.

Being a DC Comics guy, I really didn't know much about Thor. I mean, sure, I did read a little Norse mythology in high school. So I knew the whole "god of thunder" thing. It's possible that I got that much from Adventures in Babysitting. Not too sure about that one. I knew that Odin was Thor's father and they lived in a place called Asgard. I'm much more familiar with Greek myths, so I always just equated Asgard as the Norse version of Olympus. I could be way off there as far as the actual stories go, but I'm just sharing my impressions from my misspent youth.

All that is to say I really had no clue what to expect going into this thing. My only exposure to the Marvel Comics character of Thor was from the comic book mini-series where Marvel and DC had a big universe clashing battle royale. He lost his hammer and Wonder Woman found it. Turns out she was "worthy" and she gained his powers for a while. It was pretty awesome.

But I digress. That has nothing to do with the movie.

But really, what is there for me to say about this movie? It was good. It was fun to watch. It's not gonna win any Academy Awards. Well, not the big ones with the best actors or the best pictures. Maybe special effects. There were a lot of really cool effects, I'll give 'em that. But the point of this wasn't about impressing the academy. This was about entertaining the masses.

And I mentioned my exposure to Adventures in Babysitting earlier. That's because there was an appearance by the mighty Thor within that movie. Kind of. The little girl, Sarah, was a huge fan of Thor. And she mistook the repair guy, Mr. Dawson, for her hero. Don't believe me? Watch the following clip...

Yes, that was Vincent D'Onofrio. And you know what? I bet Sarah, wherever she is today, is really, really excited about this movie.

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