Tuesday, May 31, 2011

The Perils of Pizza Delivery, Part 10

Thanks to the fact that I accepted a new banking position in another state, I no longer need the second job delivering pizza. And the fact that the new position is in another state means that I'm no longer capable of delivering pizza in the Wake Forest area.

Thursday night after I learned of my new job, I went in to the delivery job and broke the news. My manager congratulated me on the new position and asked when I'd be making the move. I informed him that I'd be able to work through the following week, but after that I'd need the time to pack and move.

The weekend slowly crawled by. I worked Friday night without incident. I was off Saturday, but went in on Sunday evening. This is when things got a little crazy.

I was sent out on a triple delivery. This means that I had three deliveries in one trip. After making the final delivery I got back in my car and turned the key. The engine turned over and then started making some strange noises. And then it cut off.

I tried again. I got the same result. I tried again and again. And it could turn out to be the night my car died.

I called the store and let the manager know that my car wasn't starting. I told him I'd be back when I could get there.

In the meantime, I called the Most Awesome Person I Know. I called my Mom. I called my step-father. And then I called a tow truck. $85 later, my car was sitting in the lot of the garage that I've been taking the Escort to get the oil changed.

Thanks to the Most Awesome Person I Know I was able to get back to the pizza place and drop off my things. And I was forced to tell them that it would have to be my last night. No more pizza delivery for Aaron.

And now I'm left wondering if my car will live to see another day.

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