Monday, May 16, 2011

Lack of Scribblings

I've been slacking lately. Any of my regular readers have probably noticed that I haven't been participating in Sunday Scribblings for the last few weeks. Maybe you haven't noticed. Maybe you don't care. But I'd like to believe that you care. I'd also like to believe that you enjoy my efforts in fiction that I've posted on Sundays past. But just because I'd like to believe it doesn't necessarily make it true. I mean, I'd like to believe I don't need to work in order to earn money, but when will that ever happen?

But I don't want to be a slacker anymore. I don't want to keep being lazy when it comes to making up posts to fit the Sunday Scribblings prompts that show up in my Google Reader every week. And that's all it's come down to over the last few weeks. I've been lazy.

I've seen the prompts that have popped up and I've basically ignored them. I've still managed to post something all the other days of the week, but I've let Sundays slide off the calendar. Well, no more!

I've vowed and promised a number of times in the past that I would post something to the blog every single day. I do well for a while... sometimes for a long while... and then I slack off and start missing days here and there. And here I go, making that "every day" promise again.

I can't promise a new post every day. I'm human. I'll get tired. I'll get lazy. I'll have days when I'm not feeling especially creative. Those days are inevitable. After all, there are only so many subjects to cover when you write about stuff on a daily basis. And, honestly, I don't think my life is all that interesting. But I'll try.

And I'm gonna try to be better about reading other contributors to the Sunday Scribblings. Over at that site, there are dozens of other writers that share links to their blogs. In the past I've sporadically visited these other writers, but I don't usually get involved or leave comments. I suppose it isn't fair for me to hope to have lots of visitors to my blog when I'm unwilling to do the same for theirs. So that's another thing I'm gonna try to do.

I make no promises. And I know that Yoda says there is no try, only do or do not. But I can't say I'll do all the time, because life will inevitably get in the way. But until it does, here I am. Trying.

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