Wednesday, April 06, 2011

The Single Guy Uses the Oven

To think that the Single Guy doesn't use his oven isn't entirely accurate. He uses his oven all the time. But it's usually just to heat up frozen pizza or chicken nuggets, things of that nature. He rarely breaks out real recipes and ingredients. More often than not, it just doesn't make sense.

See, recipes are generally for meals to feed small families. Usually, the number of people needed to eat all that food hovers around four. The Single Guy is but one person. And while, like most Americans, he does have the tendency to sometimes eat more than the Department of Health thinks one should eat in one sitting, eating enough to feed a small family isn't something he can do. Maybe, back in college, with a faster metabolism, he could have performed such a feat. Not today.

But there are occasions when the Single Guy feels a recipe looks too good to just let sit there and not be tried out. Not too long ago, he discovered a blog called The Girl Who Ate Everything through a link posted by a Facebook friend. He isn't one to often check out blogs about cooking for the reasons stated above. However, this blog intrigued him. The first recipe that caught his attention was Overnight French Toast Casserole. He hasn't tried to make it, but it looked amazing.

Yesterday the Single Guy saw a recipe for Chicken Pillows. It looked good. It sounded good. It seemed simple enough. He figured he could handle making this meal. So on the way home from work, he stopped by the store and picked up all the necessary ingredients. You don't think about needing things like salt, pepper, and chives unless you actually need them for something. A bowl of cereal generally doesn't call for these things.

One of the actions necessary for the recipe was to cut up an onion. Really, it needed to be minced, whatever that meant. Never having cut up an onion before, the Single Guy was a little hesitant, not wanting his eyes to become too irritated. His mother suggested keeping a piece of bread in his mouth while he cut the onion. He tried this to no avail.

But he soldiered on. Once everything was mixed and baked, he had eight chicken pillows. Far too many for the Single Guy to eat on his own. His finished product didn't look as nice as the picture posted by the Girl Who Ate Everything, but it tasted great. And he has plenty of leftovers. Like, enough for the next couple days worth of meals.


  1. sweet. good job! and thanks for the link to the blog. i'm totally going to check it out!

  2. That is exactly why I don't cook! Maybe I should try it though :)