Monday, April 11, 2011

AFI 86 - Platoon

Directed by Oliver Stone
Netflix sleeve: Helmed by Oliver Stone, this searing autobiographical drama chronicles the Vietnam experiences of naive volunteer soldier Chris Taylor (Charlie Sheen), whose view of the conflict starts to change after witnessing murder and rape at the hands of his compatriots. Platoon won Academy Awards for Best Picture and Best Director, with Tom Berenger and Willem Defoe earning supporting actor nods as rival topkicks who offer Sheen contrasting role models.

Hey, remember when Charlie Sheen was an actor and not just a go to headline for Entertainment Tonight? Yeah, it was a simpler time. I'd never seen this movie before. For some reason, movies about Vietnam don't really do much for me. Unless the main character is one Forrest Gump. This film wasn't much different for me. I'm not sure why I can appreciate a World War II flick more than I can a Vietnam flick. Honestly, I had the same sort of reaction to Full Metal Jacket. It's not that I think these movies are bad, I just walk away from them thinking, "That was messed up."

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