Thursday, March 17, 2011

AFI 90 - Swing Time

Swing Time
Directed by George Stevens
Netflix sleeve: In this classic musical, Fred Astaire plays Lucky, a gambler who misses his wedding to a young socialite and must come up with $25,000 for another chance with her. But after meeting lovely dance instructor Penny (Ginger Rogers), he forgets about his old flame. Often cited as the best of the 10 Astaire and Rogers movies, Time Magazine named it one of its All-Time 100 Movies. Songs include "The Way You Look Tonight."

Before this, the only movie I'd actually seen Fred Astaire in was The Towering Inferno. Sure, I'd seen clips of him dancing with Ginger Rogers, but I'd never seen a full movie with the two of them. Now that I've seen this one, I kind of want to see others that they did together. At the start of it, it kind of looked like Astaire didn't stop dancing, even when he was walking from one place to another. I guess someone like that just has a natural rhythm. I really liked this one. It's the movie that introduced the world to a great song. And aside from the singing and dancing, it's all very When Harry Met Sally in a "will they or won't they" kind of way.

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  1. good movie. if you like this type of stuff, check out the band wagon.

    it's fred astaire and cyd charise. he's classical dancing and she's ballet.

    one of my film teacher's turned me on to it - he was in love w/ cyd charise.

    j "just a thought" h