Monday, February 07, 2011

The Single Guy and the Paper Crane

The Single Guy sometimes gets bored at work. It's probably something that happens to everyone from time to time. Sometimes he'll pick up a book and read during his down time. Sometimes he'll look through the newspaper and solve that day's crossword or Sudoku puzzle. Sometimes both. One day last week, he decided to learn how to make an origami crane.

And so he did. The Internet is full of all kinds of information about all kinds of things. So finding the instructions for folding a paper crane weren't too difficult to find.

The Single Guy grabbed a sheet of paper from the printer and got to folding. Turns out it wasn't that hard a thing to do. All he had to do was look at the directions, and a few minutes later, he had a paper crane sitting at his station. He showed it to the other tellers and joked that he was going to name the crane Frasier.

One of the tellers looked at it and seemed to be impressed. "How is it that you're still single?" she asked.

At the time, the Single Guy laughed at the question. The fact that he could make an origami crane didn't exactly make him Raleigh's most eligible bachelor. He left the crane sitting in his window for a week, and there were approximately zero single women who stormed into the bank to try to snag the Single Guy while they still could.

But the Single Guy got to thinking. There's one important thing to note about this origami crane. Remember, the Single Guy didn't just create the thing out of thin air. He had to find out how to fold it. So maybe that's something for the ladies out there to know about the Single Guy. He can follow instructions to the letter.

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