Wednesday, February 02, 2011

The Single Guy and the Facebook Friend

The Hostess accepted the Single Guy's friendship on Facebook. For a few days after he initially tried to add her, the Single Guy was a little afraid that he had crossed some kind of line, that he would never see or hear from her again. That fear came from a logical place. It had, in fact, happened before. Not necessarily with Facebook, but there was a certain incident involving a certain Girl in a certain White SUV. Let us not speak of it.

But the Hostess came through. Well, she came through the drive-thru at the bank where the Single Guy works. There was nothing deep about the visit, just business as usual. A normal transaction with some light conversation. Pretty typical for a Friday afternoon. A few minutes after her business was completed and the Hostess drove away, the Single Guy received a message on his phone letting him know that the Hostess had accepted him as a friend on Facebook.

Now, the Single Guy isn't one to get irrationally emotional. Well, not often anyway. But it would be a lie to say he wasn't excited by this development. Unfortunately, his phone was only capable of letting him know about the friendly addition. He wouldn't be able to properly respond to this new friend until he was at home, sitting at his own computer.

The day passed and once he was at home, he went to his new friend's Facebook profile. And as quickly as his excitement had appeared, it deflated just as fast. The Hostess was in a committed relationship.

So the Single Guy hit a dead end on that particular road. Because there was no way he would attempt to pursue a woman who was already involved with someone. The Single Guy felt bad enough that he had developed a crush on someone else's girlfriend. Though, to be fair, he didn't know she had a boyfriend the first time he saw her.

Also, for the record, the Single Guy's been holding onto this story for a while. He's been unsure as to whether or not he should post it, since he links all his posts on Facebook. But here's the thing, he gets an average of 30 visitors to his blog each day. Statistically, the odds that she's one of the few people that come to the blog from Facebook are pretty slim. So he kind of felt like he couldn't post anything else about her for fear of embarrassment or ridicule, but why should that matter? He's not posting anything negative about her, right?

Though, the Single Guy does tend to exaggerate when he tells his stories. Also, he talks about himself in the third person, which could cause him to come off as a crazy person...

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  1. Sorry to hear, but you totally handled the situation like a champ. And if she does read this, she should feel nothing but flattered by the post.