Monday, January 03, 2011

The Single Guy and the Drunk Dial

Okay, the Single Guy wasn't really drunk. He was under the influence of cold medication. But he wasn't, technically, drunk.

Somewhere over the course of his Christmas break, the Single Guy picked up a head cold. It wasn't anything serious, but it was enough to cause the slightest misery when trying to do simple things like swallowing and breathing. So one night, when the Single Guy got home from his second job, he decided it was time to take some NyQuil and go to bed. Then he remember he hadn't eaten anything for dinner. If he skipped this meal, it would mean two nights in a row without supper. He couldn't have that.

So after taking the cold medicine, the Single Guy stayed up for a little more than an hour. During that time, he ate. He also made the mistake of getting on his computer and hanging around the Facebook. Now, not being in total control of all of one's senses can lead to embarrassing moments when socially networking. Things could have turned out worse for the Single Guy than they did. But first, a little back story...

Remember the Girl in the White SUV? Well, she's history. Forget about her. But, the Single Guy, being the kind of guy he is, doesn't exactly go out of his way to meet women. So when he does, it's usually because one has decided to become a customer at the bank in which he works. Not that he believes that's an excellent way to meet women. But he's not super great at putting himself out there otherwise. So it's what he's got.

Anyway, there's been a recent customer that's caught the Single Guy's eye. Don't worry, it hasn't turned into another White SUV situation. While the Single Guy may not think of the White SUV deal as being an unhealthy obsession, others might view it as such. And yeah, he can see how it may be interpreted that way. But anyway, there's no obsession here with the new customer. She works as a hostess at a local restaurant. So we'll just call her the Hostess for now.

The Single Guy wanted to avoid going down the same kind of road that he went down with the Girl in the White SUV because, obviously, that really didn't work out for him. There have been no notes, no letters, no random bouquets of flowers. This time there have just been small conversations and smiles here and there. Nothing crazy or overdramatic.

And now we're back to the NyQuil night. The Single Guy decided to look up the Hostess on Facebook. And there she was. His memory of the evening is fuzzy, thanks to his dose of cold medication. But he knows for a fact that he sent a text message to Barney Stinson which said, "Which is less creepy, friending her on Facebook or asking her for coffee at the drive thru?"

Barney's been trying to get the Single Guy to Facebook the Hostess for a couple weeks. The Single Guy just felt uneasy about it. But, that being the case, the response text said to try Facebook first then go from there. Again, he has no memory of actually sending a friend request to the Hostess, but apparently it happened. When the Single Guy woke up the next morning with his foggy memories, he checked the Hostess' page and saw that there was a friend request pending.

So one of two things could happen. She could accept him as a friend, and then the Single Guy could see where it goes from there. Or she could stop coming to his branch, like a certain someone in a White SUV. In which case, the Single Guy will have frightened off yet another woman with that classic Single Guy charm. He might start taking it personally too, like there's something wrong with him. On the plus side, the Hostess hasn't said no yet.

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  1. Good luck! Facebook is a tough communication vice. Some people will accept anybody as their fb friend and some are very picky. (me for example) So even if Hostess doesn't accept, it doesn't mean you're completely out of it. Just sayin'.