Monday, December 13, 2010

Three Wishes

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I make it a habit to text The Most Awesome Person I Know when I'm leaving work in the evenings. My thinking here is that there's at least one person in the world who knows that I've taken my life into my own hands by traveling on the road in Raleigh, side by side with some of the most dangerous drivers on the planet: those licensed by the North Carolina DMV. Typically I'll just send a message saying I'm heading home or heading to the second job.

Thursday was a typical evening and I was leaving the bank, on my way to deliver some pizza for a little while. The Most Awesome Person I Know proceeded to reply to my typical text by asking if I had been home yet. This I found to be a little confusing. On nights that I deliver the pizza I never have time to stop at home first. Especially not within fifteen minutes of closing the bank. Reminder: it takes me a good 45 minutes to get home from work, even under the best of circumstances. So I took the question and responded with a no, and a reminder that I always go to job two directly from job one.

I worked and then I headed home. When I got to my apartment I found a few surprises on my decorated door. Remember how I said my door would be interactive, giving people a chance to share their Christmas wishes? Well, the Most Awesome Person I Know and her three sons had stopped by at some point during that day and left their wishes on the door. Seeing that kind of made my week.

One of the boys wished that I would get a puppy. One wished that I would find true love. One wished that I would come and hang out more often. The puppy I can't do right now. I'd be arrested for neglect or something, knowing how long I'm away from my apartment during the day. As far as true love goes, well, the jury's still out on whether I even believe such a creature exists. Hanging out more often? I think I can do that.

I've been getting more hours lately on the second job. I can't complain about that, I need the money. But it has cut into my hanging out/TV viewing time with these friends. Part of my reasoning, subconsciously, could also be the fact that the Hamilton Hideaway isn't quite as close as the Greene House was. I know that last part is a lousy excuse, subconscious or not. So to the Most Awesome Person I Know and her kids, I promise I'll do better.

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