Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Legends of the Bank Teller - Episode XCIII

It's time for the annual reviews again. Hard to believe I've been in this job long enough to have gone through three of these things. This time around, my manager asked us all to write down our comments and basically grade ourselves on the same evaluation form that he's required to fill out for all of us.

Now, he assumed that this part would be easy for me, since I like to write and all. He assumed wrong. Writing my own evaluation is not something I find to be an easy thing. Several weeks ago he handed me the blank copy. I went through it and scored myself. That part was easy. Numbers are completely objective. I do a good job with maintaining a balance in my drawer. I do a good job with my customer service scores. My referral numbers pretty much suck. These things are easy to calculate.

The comments are a different story. The form gives the "teammate" one line to input comments. For one thing, I really don't think that's a lot of room. For another thing, what am I really supposed to say, even if I had room for more than one line? But I came up with some basic things. Mostly, I just wrote down facts about myself in each section. And then I turned it in. And then it was handed back to me. I guess what I wrote wasn't good enough.

This process continued several times over the next few weeks. Eventually, I stopped trying and the manager stopped asking. So my self-evaluation was set to the side and forgotten. Yesterday, it was once again brought up. The manager asked what had happened to all those comments he had asked for weeks ago. I gladly spoke up, reminding him that I had tried to turn mine in five different times, only to have them given right back to me.

He thought for sure that I would have a much easier time writing comments about my evaluation, simply because I keep this blog and generally have plenty to say about my job. He explained that this was my opportunity to allow my voice to be heard. But there's a big difference in complaining on a blog and making comments on my own evaluation. Here I can maintain some sense of anonymity. Yes, my name is out there for anyone to see, but I never specify the bank I work for. My comments on the year-end review will be seen by not only my boss, but by his boss as well. Honestly there's a good chance she'll never take the time to look at them. But the possibility exists.

That being said, I can't just write out my frustrations and displeasure at this job on an official document that could be seen by the powers that be. All you have to do is check out the other 92 Legends of the Bank Teller to see that I have plenty to say about this job. But the vast majority of it isn't positive. And I know my superiors wouldn't really like to see any of those negative comments.

On a side note, I had a customer come through earlier who was wearing a whole lot of eye make-up. And all I could think about was Charlie Sheen's small role in Ferris Bueller's Day Off. He's there talking to Jennifer Grey and telling her she wears too much eye make-up. And he says his sister wears too much eye make-up. Then he tells her what people think of his sister. I got a good laugh out of it when I just thought about it. If you know the line I'm talking about, maybe you got a laugh out of it too.

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