Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Day Twenty Four

Where I Live

I live in Wake Forest, North Carolina. It's a smallish town in Wake County, just north of the state capital, Raleigh. It's the original home of Wake Forest University. Of course, back then it was just Wake Forest College. And then it was decided that the Raleigh area had too many large universities in the surrounding area, what with NC State, UNC-Chapel Hill, and Duke being right around the corner. So Wake Forest was moved to Winston-Salem. The way I hear it, some people gave them a lot of money to make the move. Can't blame them. I'd move if someone gave me a lot of money.

Here's a shot of downtown Wake Forest. I really think "downtown" is more of an honorary title.
 I live in this old building. It's called Glen Royall Mill and it was once home to a cotton mill. Some time ago it was converted into the awesome apartment building that it is today.
This is the hallway outside my apartment. Notice how it looks like it goes on forever? Well, it doesn't really. Walking at an average pace, from one end to the other, can be done in three days time. And there are a number of traps along the way. Some spots in the carpet are actually a sort of slush that acts like quicksand. There are certain spots that trigger the fire extinguishers if stepped on. But the fire extinguishers spray a mild acid, instead of that carbon foam stuff. It was quite an ordeal moving in.
And here we have my living room. It's where I do most of my living.
See how high the ceilings are? Makes the place seem a lot bigger than it really is. It's pretty much the most awesome apartment ever.
And that's the bed that I refuse to sleep in. It's really uncomfortable.

So that's my place. Come by any time. Just be sure to wipe your feet. I don't like when people track stuff through all the dust on my hardwood floors.


  1. i think husband and i looked into living here once. but the outside of the building was super creepy. this is when he worked 19 hours a day and i refused to stay by myself for so long.

    it looks awesome though. i love the floors and ceilings!!! thanks for sharing and happy thanksgiving to you and yours :)

  2. Wow, your building looks awesome!