Thursday, November 25, 2010

Day Twenty Five

My Day, In Great Detail

I'll be giving the details of my day yesterday. As it's only 8am as I'm writing this, I have yet to have any details for my day today. So here you have, in great detail, the day that was Wednesday, November 24, 2010.

  • 6am - The alarm on my phone woke me up, much to my great annoyance. I fumbled around for it and hit the snooze.
  • 6:05 - The alarm went off again. I hit the snooze again. I repeated this process for roughly half an hour. Then I decided to just turn it off and reset it for 7am. I always set it early with the intention of getting up an hour or so earlier than I really need to. I'm not sure why. Maybe I think I'll be inspired one to day to get up and do something productive before I have to head to work. So far that's not working out for me.
  • 7am - The alarm on my phone woke me up again. This time I turned it off and got up.
  • 7:15 - By this point I was finishing up a shower that did very little to make me alert. While showering I debated with myself as to whether I should shave. I had just shaved the day before and I'm not one who likes to shave on a daily basis. So, because I didn't feel like it and mostly because I just didn't care, I opted to let the scruff have its way with my face.
  • 7:30 - I was dressed by this time and was sitting in front of the very computer on which I write these words. I decided it would be a good idea to check my bank account, just to make sure I had money. Generally, I check on things once a day, just to make sure things are where they're supposed to be.
  • 7:45 - It takes 45 minutes for me to get to work. It's a little ridiculous, I know, but that's how traffic works in a big city like Wake Forest. Okay, it isn't so much Wake Forest's problem as it is Raleigh's.
  • 7:50 - I decided I was making good time. Believe it or not, the roads were pretty empty yesterday morning. My theory is that a lot of people decided to start Thanksgiving a day early. And since I was making good time, I stopped at a convenience store to get some caffeine. Now, I don't drink coffee. So when I say caffeine, I mean Mountain Dew. I got two of them, but only because Pepsi products are 2 for 2.22 or 1 for 1.59. Do the math.
  • 7:55-8:30 - Lately, in driving to work, I've been listening to a morning radio show called Bob and the Showgram on G105. Yesterday I wasn't able to do that. My radio was working fine. But they were doing a fundraiser for cancer research. When I turned on the radio they began a heartstring pulling story about a family who struggled when their son was diagnosed with a brain tumor and later died. I had to put a CD in. Listening to stories like that kind of make me want to cry. Crying plus driving equals mangled wreck. So I sang along with a CD until I got to the bank.
  • 8:30ish - I arrived at the bank. And then I cried some more.
  • 8:45-11:35 - Work. And here are some of those great details as I release a heavy sigh. Open the vault; pull out my cash drawer; sign on to my computer; get deposits out of the night drop; run the one deposit from the night drop; act surprised that the idiot business owner that left that deposit actually got it right this time (that's a rarity, by the way); do some pointless busy work in the form of updating a three ring binder with new forms and throwing away the old ones; disappoint the Most Awesome Person I Know via text message; run transactions; kill a spider; read some of my book because things have gotten slow; get annoyed when someone asks me a stupid question ("Are y'all closed tomorrow?"); sell all the cash in my drawer to the vault; close down my computer; leave with a smile on my face because I only had to be at the bank for three hours.
  • 11:35 - I drove home. This didn't take as long as driving to work because, well, it was the middle of the day.
  • 12pm - I got home and heated up some leftover Tombstone pizza. It's never really as good reheated, but it got the job done. I ate and then I wasn't hungry anymore. Score one for the good guys.
  • 12:15-5pm - Mostly I killed time before I had to go deliver pizza. While eating, I wrote my post for yesterday's blog. I took pictures of the apartment so I could show off where I live. I wrote some more. I played a computer game for a while (Civilization V). I read. All in all a pretty relaxing afternoon.
  • 5pm - I changed into my pizza delivery clothes and left for work. Again.
  • 5:30 - I clocked in and started delivering pizza. It was a pretty busy night, so this status didn't change until after 8pm.
  • 8:15 - Fluffed cheese, cleaned the oven catch trays.
  • 8:40 - Clocked out and drove home.
  • 9pm - I knew I was kind of hungry, but really didn't have much of an appetite. I hadn't eaten anything since lunch, so my brain told me I should probably eat something. So I grabbed a soda from the fridge and snacked on some Ritz crackers. Not the healthiest of dinners, I grant you, but it was all I needed at the time. And I was pretty tired. I knew I wouldn't be doing much of anything else for the rest of the night.
  • 9:30 - I did some Facebooking and then went to bed. I know, kind of early for a night before a non-work day. It wasn't long before I hit the pillow that my eyes were closed.
So that's my day. Not too exciting. I thought about making something up about being fangoriously devoured by a gelatinous monster. I'm sure I could have worked it in between jobs yesterday. But who has the energy to fight alien blob monsters?

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