Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Day Nine

A Photo That I Took

I took photography for two years back in high school. For a long time it was something I enjoyed enough to consider making a career of. However, Bluefield College, being the small school that it was, didn't offer a whole lot when it came to photography options. It wasn't as if I could sign up for a photojournalism career path. So photography became the kind of hobby that sat on the back burner.

Luckily there was a yearbook in college. And since the staff was nearly non-existent, there was ample opportunity to take pictures for said yearbook. And the best part? I got reimbursed for money spent on film and developing. Since then, I've made the switch to the digital camera. Mostly because buying film and having it developed is way more expensive than the digital photos. But I don't like using my digital camera as much as I liked my old manual film camera. It's just not as fun to me.

So I haven't taken many photos in the last few years. But back in the day I took a lot. And a lot of those I was able to scan into the computer thanks to my fancy all in one printer/scanner thing. So I picked this picture of two kids that I took while I was on a mission trip in Brazil. There's nothing deep about it. No hidden meaning. It was a random, candid shot that I just like. Have a good day kids.

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