Sunday, November 14, 2010

Day Fourteen

A Non-Fiction Book

I don't do non-fiction too often. It isn't that I don't find it interesting, I do. It's just that I'd rather spend my reading time getting into something a little more fictiony. For me, reading is an escape from real life. Non-fiction books tend to have something to do with real life. And if I wanted to experience real life, I'd go out there and experience it. 'Cause real life, all over the place.

But if I'm forced to promote something in the non-fiction realm, I'll promote something by Dave Barry. Maybe Dave Barry Slept Here. For a long time, Dave Barry wrote a humor column for the Miami Herald that was also syndicated across the country. If you haven't read anything that he's done, give it a look. It's pretty funny. But, the aforementioned Dave Barry Slept Here was his answer to a history book. He gives a pretty unique perspective on United States history. I can't say that all of his facts and dates are historically accurate, but they are pretty funny.

Okay, that's all I've got.

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