Saturday, October 09, 2010

The Single Guy and the Free Candy

The Single Guy isn't looking for love at the drive through window. He's been down that road. Well, not completely down that road. But he started down that road and found construction signs and road blocks. When it came to the Girl in the White SUV, there was too much work to be done and the Single Guy felt that he put forth all the effort that he needed to.

But that doesn't mean that attractive women have just stopped coming to the Single Guy's bank. They certainly haven't stopped driving up to the drive through. White SUV may have stopped, but she's not the only hot girl in the world, or even in the Raleigh area.

Recently, the Single Guy had an attractive customer come to the drive through window. She's a regular who drops by about once a week, usually on Fridays. She cashes her paycheck, then deposits part of that cash into her account. It's a routine.

The Single Guy doesn't know what kind of car she normally drives, but he has noticed one detail: an NC State decal on the back window. When she came through, he noticed the decal was gone. He noticed that it was a newer car. And so he asked, "Did you get a new car?"

This question led into a conversation about how she ran a red light, got in an accident, yadda yadda yadda, she's drving a rental. The Single Guy cashed her check as normal. When she passed back some of the cash and her deposit ticket, she included a small package of candy. "Those are some really good candies for you!"

The Single Guy was taken aback. It isn't that he had never received food items from customers before. It's just that usually the gifts he receives amount to Slim Jims and fun-sized candy bars from scary older women. But even those are few and far between. This was a welcome gift of Starburst Gummies.

The Single Guy doesn't expect anything more than this. As stated above, he's not looking for a relationship at the drive through anymore. But it did make him feel good to receive an unsolicited gift from an attractive young woman. It isn't something he's used to. It certainly feels better than being the guy that drops $40 on a floral arrangement, never hearing from the recipient again. The shoe, it would seem, is on the other side of the table!

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