Thursday, October 28, 2010

Road Runner

Today as I was driving I found myself behind a Time Warner Cable van. If you've seen these vans, you know there's usually a picture of the Road Runner somewhere on the back. I guess the thing about Time Warner owning the Looney Tunes and a cable company, it's convenient to have a ready made mascot for your high speed internet.

Well, I was looking at this picture of the Road Runner and I got to thinking, what the heck was Wile E. Coyote thinking? I mean, have you even seen the Road Runner? That bird is all feet, neck, and tail. What kind of meal is that gonna be? Was he just gonna drop an anvil and then gnaw on the broken bones?

I'm thinking that, at first, it was about getting a quick meal. But then when he couldn't succeed, maybe it was about the challenge of catching the bird.

And what's up with the Coyote anyway? Aren't coyotes pack hunters? Where's the Wile E. pack?

Sorry, that got really random...

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