Monday, October 25, 2010


I noticed this morning that the local meteorologists were calling for some scattered storms today. It was a little cloudy, but storms? Doubtful.

The hours passed and the clouds rolled in and out of view. The sun even peaked out on occasion. Then suddenly, without warning, the rains arrived.

The rain may not have poured all over Raleigh at the same time, but in my bank's parking lot, it appeared as if monsoon season had started. Sheets of rain fell hard. Small rivers quickly formed and gathered in small ponds in several sections of the asphalt.

More often than not, I stare out the drive through window wishing I was outside. Today was not one of those days. At least, not during the twenty minutes of nonstop rain. Funny enough, the "monsoon" was really nothing of the kind. There was a lot of wind and rain for a short amount of time. And then it was over.

By the time we closed the bank, the parking lot was dry once more. As quickly and mysteriously as the storm came into our lives, it was gone. They're calling for more rain as the week progresses. I'll believe it when I see it.

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