Thursday, October 14, 2010

Legends of the Bank Teller - Episode LXXXVIII

I mentioned the other day that I was not going to be working for a while. So why would I possibly be writing a Legend of the Bank Teller if I haven't even been to the bank since last Friday? Why would I write about a job that shouldn't even cross my mind until I wake up Tuesday morning?

Today was a typical staycation kind of day. Well, not really typical. I went to see a movie with a friend. You'll hear about that soon. Let's try to focus on the topic at hand.

While I was sitting in the darkened theater, I felt the phone in my pocket start to buzz. I looked and saw that I had a text message from my assistant manager, whom you know as Barney Stinson. The following is an exact transcript of the texts that he has sent me throughout the afternoon.

Barney: U just missed me punch the wall
SingleGuy: Is there a story to accompany the punching of the wall or did the wall just piss you off?
Barney: I ran ur window all afternoon. U truly have the worst job on the planet. Why does God create so many stupid people?
SingleGuy: I may have to quote you for my blog.
Barney: Plz do. It was brutal. Station got kicked. Punched wall. Took off shoe when foot got sore and banged shoe on station
Barney: Accidental GD with microphone on

So it sounds like there was a pretty eventful day at the bank. I'm just sorry I missed out.

No. I take that back. I'm not sorry I missed out. I'm sorry that Barney has to put up with what I deal with on a daily basis. But he only has to put up with it for this week. I'll be back Tuesday to take crap from my regulars. I particularly like what he said about me having the worst job on the planet. I'm never really sure that's entirely true. But at least there's someone out there now who can sympathize when I have my bad days.

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