Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Flux Capacitor... Fluxing...

Today is October 26th. This means that it's the 25th anniversary of the day Marty McFly first took a trip into the past to mess with the space/time continuum. How does the world get to celebrate? Well, the powers that be have released the Back to the Future trilogy on Blu-Ray DVD for the first time. It should go without saying that I want it. But Blu-Ray movies are expensive when there's only one of them. For a trilogy, it's a little ridiculous. So I'll be saving pennies for a while.

In other news, have you heard about the fact that there may actually be someone out there who has the ability to travel through time? I saw an article today that linked to a video with "proof" of someone from the future showing up in the past. According to the video, which includes footage of the 1928 premiere of Charlie Chaplin's Circus, there is a woman walking on the sidewalk talking on a cell phone. Hard to believe? Of course I had to watch the video myself.

Sure enough, it looks like she's talking on a cell phone. This woman is just walking along, holding something up to her ear and talking as if on the phone. She's walking alone, so if she isn't talking on some sort of phone or communication device, she's talking to herself, and is obviously crazy. If it were a video shot this year, there would be no question that's what she's doing. But the video was shot in 1928.

Below is the clip from YouTube and it's introduced by George Clarke. The entire video itself is over 8 minutes, but the clip from the 20s showing the alleged cell phone woman begins at 2:40. What do you think it could be? I mean, even if it's some woman on a cell phone, how was she getting a signal? It's 1928! There were no cellular towers at that time, right? What network was she using? Does Verizon break the time barrier? Anyway, watch for yourselves. Let's hear your thoughts...

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