Sunday, October 31, 2010

Coming Soon: The 30 Day Blog Journal

Okay, so coming tomorrow... For the month of November, I'll be doing this 30-Day Blog Journal. It's an idea that I stole from Ha Ha. Wait. What? That blogger stole the idea from Living Life as a Newlywed, who stole it from The Housewife. It may be impossible to actually trace the beginning of this thing. Maybe someday someone will teal it from  me and the chain will continue unbroken. Anyway, each daily post will be comprised of an item from the following list. Don't worry, I'll still post the Questions of the Week and the Legends of the Bank Teller and other various stories as they happen to occur. But November will definitely have all of these things. It's gonna be a crazy month guys, get ready.

Day One - Your Favorite Song
Day Two - Your Favorite Movie
Day Three - Your Favorite Television Program
Day Four - Your Favorite Book
Day Five - Your Favorite Quote
Day Six - 20 of My Favorite Things
Day Seven - A Photo That Makes You Happy
Day Eight - A Photo That Makes You Angry/Sad
Day Nine - A Photo You Took
Day Ten - A Photo Taken Over 10 Years Ago of You
Day Eleven - A Photo of You Recently
Day Twelve - Something You Are OCD About
Day Thirteen - A Fictional Book
Day Fourteen - A Non-Fictional Book
Day Fifteen - Your Dream House
Day Sixteen - A Song That Makes You Cry
Day Seventeen - An Art Piece
Day Eighteen - Your Wedding/Future Wedding/Past Wedding
Day Nineteen - A Talent of Yours
Day Twenty - A Hobby of Yours
Day Twenty One - A Recipe
Day Twenty Two - A Website
Day Twenty Three - A YouTube Video
Day Twenty Four - Where I Live
Day Twenty Five - Your Day, In Great Detail
Day Twenty Six - Your Week, In Great Detail
Day Twenty Seven  - Your Worst Habit
Day Twenty Eight - What's In Your Wallet (This was originally purse, but that would be not applicable in my case.)
Day Twenty Nine - Hopes, Dreams, and Plans for the Next 365 Days
Day Thirty - A Dream for the Future

So yeah... That's what I'll be doing for a while. It'll make for an easy post on those days when nothing is happening. Then in December I'm back to struggling for something to write about. Wish me luck!

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