Saturday, September 11, 2010

So Many Questions

Next weekend, I'm happy to report, I will not be sitting at home doing nothing. Friday evening, once I get off work, I will be making my way up to Smith Mountain Lake in Virginia. It's there that I'll have a mini-reunion with a bunch of my friends from the college years. It will be exciting to see everyone, most of whom I haven't seen in several years.

Sure, we try to keep in touch. Some of us are able to stay in closer touch than others. But for the most part, we tend to let our lives get in the way of keeping up with what we're all doing these days. No one's fault. It's just the way it goes. But thanks to the magic of the e-mail and the Facebook, we do a pretty good job of making sure no one's fallen off the radar.

Back in the day, I was a member of the Student Union Board for a couple of years. My job with that committee was to organize and plan events such as coffeehouses, comedy clubs, and game shows. Being that guy, I was tasked to come up with a trivia game for next weekend. Since the majority of those gathering are alumni of Bluefield College, the trivia game has been dubbed "Bluefield Jeopardy."

So that's what I've spent the better part of my day today doing. I've been coming up with a mix of questions that are easy, difficult, and just funny enough to eke out an inside-joke status. Can I just say that coming up with five questions in each of six categories was not an easy thing to do?

The old memory just isn't what it used to be. Luckily, we have yearbooks from Bluefield College that helped to jog my brain a little. And then there's the school's website, which helped me out with some of the history of the school, as well as the more recent news.

Most of us that will be there have been away from Bluefield College for seven years. So there's a good chance that most folks will be in the same boat as I was when it comes to coming up with the answers to these trivia questions. Not that I want the players of the game to fail. I just want them to be challenged.


  1. Sounds Awesome! I hope you have a great time and be careful in your travels!

  2. I think I should be invited to some of these mini-reunions! And there should be an entire category of questions about me ;)